So you're Gifted and Talented, huh? What's your area of specialty? What do you do exceptionally well? Math? Art? Science? Geology? Botany? Physics? Anatomy? Engineering? Are you a natural or did you inherit your talent or talents? Leonardo da Vinci was superior in all of these areas. According to Bulent Atalay's book, "Math and the Mona Lisa", he was not only a genius, he was a transformative genius (how do you like the way I cited that information?) He invented the future. He had an unquenchable curiosity about nature and how it related to math, art, and science. And, guess what? You're related to him - distantly, but you're related to him. Ya buddy! Since receiving this news, you have a burning desire to tell the world about your Uncle Leonardo (great-great uncle, really) and how he influenced your talents. It's all in the genes, you know! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But wait! How are you going to do this? Take an ad out in the newspaper? Maybe a commercial on tv? Maybe post it on your MySpace? Now you're getting closer! Here is what you will do. Using your wiki, you will create a concept map of sorts to illustrate, explain, and/or support why you're related to LDV based on your own individual talents. Keep reading. Below are instructions that will tell you what to do:

1. Join whitswiki (if you haven't done so already).
2. Create your own wiki (if you have already done so, please start a new page with the title, "I Get It From My
Mother's Side".
3. Use your wiki and wiki tools to support the fact that your talents are not by accident. Your lineage can be
traced to Leonardo's heritage. You and Leonardo have the same DNA! See example: newtoolsworkshop
4. Wiki tools you ask? Ask to join the wiki called "newtoolsworkshop" - this is a Glogster. Use the wiki tools within this wiki such as:
(a). Image Generators
(b). Image Editors
(c). Avatar Makers
(d). Interactive Online Posters (example: Glogster user name: whitneyallen - you already have an account SEE ME)
(e). Timeline Tools (example: or user name: )
(f). Cartoon Generators (example: ToonDoo user name: whitneya or Xtranormal user name: whit )
(g). Screen Capture Apps
(h). Mindmapping Tools (example: Webspiration - what you've used with Mrs. Thompson)
(i). Social Bookmarking Tools (example:
(j). Polling Tools (example:
(k). Family Tree Tools
5. Remember to respect intellectual properties. Pay close attention to words like "copyright friendly images",
"creative commons", "public domain images", and "fair use". You are publishing content on the world wide
web! Remember the minute an idea becomes an idea it BELONGS to that somebody!
6. A worksheet has been created that will help remind you of Leonardo's superior intelligence.

Impress me with your research abilities and your technology skills! The wiki tools are FREE! I know this
seems like a huge task. You're probably saying, "But, I don't know how to do this!" Well, don't panic. I didn't either until I just dove in there and got after it. I think I get it from my mother's side! LOL! She was distantly related to LDV, too! Guess that makes me related also! Good luck. Please follow this link to my blog: my blog Our GT schedule for the month of March is posted there within the Google Presentation about LDV that gives additional information about your Uncle Leonardo. I mean, our Uncle Leonardo! As Garage Band says, "Soldier On!". Direct quote....another APA Citation method. :-)