Description of Math Resource
EDUC 3513
Math wiki created for Debbie Claxton. Includes TedX video, "Why Teach Math?" Very good!
Calculation Nation
Recommended by the NCTM. Students can challenge themselves or someone else at a global level. The games work
to improve the teaching of math and to reinforce fundamental math skills.
Rapping Decimal Song
Text Marks - Line up the dot..give it all you got.
Teach Me How To Do Math
Text Marks - Really Cute!!
KIPP Academy
Text Marks 9's, 11's, etc...

Khan Academy
How Khan Academy is Changing Education
Videos located here:
Salman Khan created this free educational site embedding some 2400 videos to personally guide the student through a selection of basic arithmetic to calculus at the student's own pace. This article describes the how's and why's to creating this quality resource. Khan Academy apps can be downloaded to iPhones or iPads and are FREE. Dr. Marzano says in his book, "Classroom Instruction That Works", that it takes a student 24 times of focused practice to master a skill and that's only at 80% competency level (pg. 67). Practice, practice, practice made available at the click of a button. According to Bloom whose work in referenced within this article, research has shown that 1:1 student attention raises student scores sometimes 2 standard deviations above their student counterparts who do not receive 1:1 instruction. Quoted from the article about the videos:"Generally seven to 14 minutes long, they consist of a voice-over by Khan describing a mathematical concept or explaining how to solve a problem while his hand-scribbled formulas and diagrams appear onscreen." He has been posting videos for 5 years and his students have answered 50 million questions using his teaching approach, according to this article.
Manga High
Free online math website suggested during Tom Vander Ark's keynote at Innovation8 OKC, July, 2011.
Free online math website with a teacher's dashboard that compiles data regarding the progress of each student enrolled.
Ashley Garner
Mrs. Garner's Screencasts on Vimeo
Screencasts uploaded to Vimeo. Mrs. Garner is a 6th grade teacher at Presbyterian Day School in Kentucky or Tennessee. Daily lessons covered in 42 videos.
Math Train
Math Train on YouTube is a concept where students are teaching math concepts to other students using video and screencasts. This clip is from a YouTube post. Resource from David Wees from the RESCO3 online econference.
Verbal Equations
Definitions for Writing Verbal Equations
The sum of q and 8 is q + 8
Common Core
Standards for Math
From the Common Core Standards Initiative "The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. "
Math Magician
From "Tips from Two Sisters" weekly update. Gives students practice with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This is a free site.
IXL Math for the Right and Left Brain
Skills broken into grade and state standards. States IXL is being used in 150 countries. Reports feedback and progress of the student.
Yummy Math
Yummy Math-Math Relevant to Our World
Browse by category - Algebra, Data and Probability, Math and Food, Geometry, Math and Science, Math and Social Studies, Business Math, Everyday Math. Lessons, activities, and answers all provided in .doc or .pdf downloadable.
Everyday Math
Log in link here for students
Access for parents
Math Blaster
By subscription only. Will post when subscription has been purchased. 1/30/12
National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives
Free online site divided into age groups and concepts (number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis & probability)
Wild on Math
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division for 1st - 6th grades. Game based.
Math Game Time
Play Math Man, Demolition Division, Puppy Chase Decimal Game, Ratio Blaster, or Tug Team Dirt Bike (fractions). Many more!! Math videos, too. All grouped according to grade level. Available in app format. Math Monkey App.
Count Us In
Games to help kids understand basic number concepts. Sorting, patterns, height.
Money Flashcards
Asks, "How much money is here?" Shows pictures of actual coins. Student enters amount using the key pad.
Free online math games.
Eggs to Order
Students drag the eggs over to the nest smallest to biggest. Times and records the number correct.
Pattern Block Math Lessons
From Bridges in Math from the Math Learning Center
From the blog Learn2Learn2Day. The combination of lessons are designed to help meet the Common Core State Standards in grade bands K-2 and 3-5. Download the pdfs here:

Pattern Block Lessons to Meet CCSS Grades K-2

Pattern Block Lessons to Meet CCSS Grades 3-5

Pacing Guide Grades 3-5 from Bridges in Mathematics from Math Learning Center

Math Lesson Plan Index by math standards from Learn2Learn2Day blog

Bridges in Oklahoma

CCSS Bridges in Math
PB Wiki for 6th Grade Math CCSS
Looks good!!
Noetic Math
Resource from Sara Smith, GT Director at State Department of Education. Elearning that challenges the student and assists with developing essential skills. Has Work Ahead Math problems that are individualized to the student by subscription $19.95 per student per month.
Common Core Math Apps for 6th - 8th Grade
From Tech & Learning Math Apps and prices for the individual apps. For example, Symmetry-Shuffle $1.99 - This mathematical puzzle allows users to explore line and rotational symmetry, while developing their spatial sense to create strategies to help them solve problems.
Counting Coins
Counting mixed coins. It teaches how to (1) sort coins first; and, (2) start with the coins that are worth the most. It uses a horn noise to signal the students to change counting by values when moving from dimes to pennies or dimes to nickles.
Counting money song
and the Money Hand Jive
Song used to identify and remember coins.
Playing Fish to Teach Ten Frame Arithemtic
  • A series of short 2 minute videos with a link to a website (looks like a free 14 day trial) with online assessments, interactive lessons, printables, and online practice broken into learning paths (with topic progression) for K-5th grades.
  • Used with IWB, individual computers, and mobile devices.
What Makes Ten?
A video included in the above series. What Makes Ten? Very catchy!!